Compost is the best alternative to synthetic fertilizer. It is safer to use and doesn't pose risks to the environment. If you are a gardener or a professional landscape contractor, you can buy your needed compost materials from us. We source them from reliable suppliers so you are assured that they contain the right mixture and nutrients. We have ordinary blend, 3-way blend and black humus compost. We urge you to visit us at our yard to see first-hand our products.

Compost is made through the decomposing process of a wide range of organic materials. Such organic materials that may be regarding as waste are then collected and via a process called composting, you end up with a nutrient rich compost. It is widely used for gardens, landscaping, horticulture, and urban agriculture. If you are going green you may already have started your very own small-scale compost at home.

At Building Materials & Landscape Supplies, we can supply large amounts of compost for all types of projects throughout greater Houston, TX, and surrounding regions. If you are in need of some compost, then please don’t hesitate to contact the knowledgeable team today by calling us on 1-800-261-7445 today and we will arrange your compost delivery!

Explore our portfolio of top-grade compost collections meant for a wide range of landscaping applications. We specialize in creating and offering sustainable, rich, microbe-rich, and environment-friendly compost to enhance your landscape’s vitality. There is a greater focus on sourcing local material. We can deliver yard debris to your property before composting it. This process can involve temperature monitoring and systematic turning. This helps add water and air to it in the right amount as the pile breaks down. This will also make helpful microorganisms flourish. When the compost pile is maintained at a specific temperature, it also helps destroy weed seeds.

When it comes to compost, we are passionate about producing only the highest quality, certified material. We have also partnered with trusted tech companies in the field to create advanced composting systems. Some of the popular compost options we offer include soil blend, composted cow manure, bio swale, compost pine mulch, our proprietary blend, and custom blends.
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