Waterfall Rocks

Are you a water feature builder or a homeowner working on a waterfall project? If yes, get your needed waterfall rocks from us. We can supply you with any volume and deliver these materials to your location. Our rocks come from trusted quarries in the region so we can assure you of their excellent quality and attractive colors, shapes, and textures. Just be creative when installing these types of rocks to achieve a natural-looking waterfall.

When it comes to creating the perfect water feature you really want to make sure that you use the best quality materials possible. We at Bedrock Building Materials & Landscape Supplies pride ourselves on offering our clientele only the best quality waterfall rocks available on the market. Not only will you end up with a durable waterfall, but you will also end up with a natural looking waterfall that will add so much appeal and value to your home or commercial property.

There really is nothing like the addition of a water feature to a landscape setting to increase the ambiance and give it a sense of tranquility. Give one of our friendly team members a call today on 281-208-3131 or come into our display center and check out the variety of waterfall rocks that we have. We will ensure that you can get the ideal product to enhance the look and feel of your water feature and your property on a whole!

One or more waterfall rocks can be used to direct water down or into a pond. We can address all types and scales of water garden stone needs, including waterfall rocks. This portfolio shows the different types of features that have been created using our rocks. These rocks are available in sets or as individual pieces. They are often used in a set to create multiple levels of water to spill from. We also offer them in different shapes. You can explore our portfolio for design ideas, and we have just the right inventory to transform your vision into reality.

Our offerings include flat, angular, and mounded waterfall rocks. We offer shades of brown and gray rocks, the most popular options, with other options including southwestern colors. You can also find rocks with contorted finish having nooks and crannies or smooth-finished rocks. And when it comes to size, we have waterfall rocks that can be easily moved by a person or so large that they require a machine.
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