Tejas Textured Stone

If you feel that your home or commercial building needs some makeover, consider adding stone veneers to the walls. When used as cladding, they can dramatically enhance the beauty of your property and improve its energy efficiency. The stone veneer that we offer is lightweight, premium quality, and available in various designs and finishes. You can easily achieve a specific theme or style without compromising the structural integrity of your walls. Moreover, all stone veneer that we sell meets the industry's quality standards.

Tejas Textured Stone gives you the warmth and beauty of natural stone with several significant advantages. Tejas Textured Stone is less expensive, just as durable and is much faster and easier to install than natural stone. These benefits, combined with a wide selection of stone styles and colors, make Tejas Textured Stone the perfect choice for your building or home.

Product Quality Testing: Our Veneer products meet or substantially exceed the minimum physical requirements specified by ICC-ES AC51.

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