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Landscaping Products Houston, TX Bedrock Building Materials supplies Stafford and greater Fort Bend County, Texas with a diverse collection of Building Materials & Landscape Products for residential and commercial applications. We have established long standing relationships with leading manufacturers of pavers, natural stone, stone veneers, fountains & pottery, boulders, and bulk materials, including gravel, sand, soil, mulch and much more. Visit our impressive supply yard to see live installations of all our fine products.


We supply a wide range of pavers including Belgard Pavers. There is no doubt that pavers have become one of the most popular hardscaping products on the market nowadays, there are many reasons for their popularity and that includes durability, ease of installation, low maintenance, cost effective and the availability of many different colors, shapes, sizes and textures! Read More About Pavers >>

Retaining Walls

When it comes to retaining walls we believe that Keystone is one of the best manufacturers of retaining wall systems and blocks. Keystone has been supplying the hardscaping industry with premium retaining wall products for many years now and with great success. Talk to one of professionals today for all the information you may need for your next retaining wall project! Read More About Retaining Walls >>

Stone Veneer

The addition of stone veneer products to your exterior or interior walls can really make that statement you have been wanting for your property. We supply the stunning range of stone veneer products manufactured by Coronado Stone. Stone veneer not only adds aesthetic appeal but it will also increase the energy efficiency of your property as well! Read More About Stone Veneer >>

Bulk Materials

We at Bedrock Rocks supply a wide range of bulk materials including sand, mulch, rock, top soil, gravel, road base, granite and garden mixes. Simply contact one of our friendly staff members today and we will be able to help you get the bulk materials you need for your hardscaping or landscaping projects! Read More About Bulk Materials >>


There are many hardscaping projects that require the use of sand and we have what you need. Some of the sands that we can supply you with are bank sand, white masonry sand, blasting sand, polymeric sand, and sharp sand. Read More About Sands >>


If your lawns are suffering and looking a little worse for wear then it may be a good time to add some topsoil to bring it back to life. We can supply you with black hummis soil, organic garden mix or top soil. Don’t hesitate to give us a call to find out our competitive pricing! Read more about Soils >>


The great thing about adding mulches to your gardens is that they have several benefits. First of all they will add protection and extra nutrients to your plants. Secondly, they will also add aesthetic appeal with additional color and textures. We have black hummis mulch and double hardwood mulch. Read More About Mulches >>


We source the best quality compost products from reputable suppliers. Instead of using dangerous synthetic fertilizers we recommend the use of compost. It is environmentally friendly and much safer for the individual to use. Read More About Composts >>


Here at Bedrock Rocks we stock a range of quality aggregates and gravels that includes pea gravel, bulk rock gravels, crushed granite, limestone road base and white washed limestone. No matter how large or small your project requirements are, we have the supplies to cater to any residential or larger scaled commercial project! Read More About Gravels >>


We carry only the top quality stabilizers available on the market. If you are taking on a new masonry project and are in need of stabilizers, cement, stucco and any other masonry products; please don’t hesitate to give us a call and we will be able to help! Read More About Stabilizers >>


If you are on the market for some trees for you landscape setting or your property then you have come to the right place. We have a large range of trees available including cypress, myrtles, dynamite, sycamore, red maple, vitex, and oak trees. Read More About Trees >>

Natural Stone

Natural stone has so many applications for bith indoors and outdoors. You can use it for flooring, fireplaces, countertops, walls and so much more. Some of the types of natural stones that we can supply you with are granite, cobblestones, marble, bluestone, slate, and limestone. Read More About Natural Stones >>


Flagstone has become one of the most popular natural stones nowadays. The reasons for this are that flagstone is very appealing and adds natural beauty to any application. Flagstone is often used for patios, walkways, entryways, decks, and outdoor kitchens and fireplaces. Read More About Flagstones >>

River Rocks

River rocks are used for both indoor and outdoor applications for decorative and functional purposes. We supply river rock for pathways, ponds, and gardens in different sizes and colors. Please call us today and we will supply you with the ideal river rock for your project! Read More About River Rock >>

Waterfall Rocks

We can supply all of you waterfall rocks for your next waterfall project; no matter how big or small! We have a wide range of waterfall rocks in varying sizes, colors, shapes and textures. We source our rocks from trusted quarries throughout our region! Read More About Waterfall Rocks >>


If you’re in need of boulders for your next landscaping project then visit our display center today. We carry a large range of boulders to suit all types of outdoor projects and applications in various shapes and sizes. We can also have them delivered and installed for you by our professional teams. Read More About Boulders >>

Mexican Beach Pebbles

One of the most popular decorative landscape stones used nowadays for both residential and commercial landscaping is Mexican Beach Pebbles. They are sourced directly from the beaches and have a smooth matte finish. They are available in a wide range of colors and sizes; so there really is something to suit all types of style requirements and various applications. These landscape rocks are typically used for planters, garden beds, pathways, walkways, driveways, edging and are ideal for xeriscape landscapes. Read More About Mexican Beach Pebbles >>

Fountains and Pottery

Bedrock Building Materials & Landscape Supplies is a reliable and reputed company offering a wide range of fountains and pottery accessories for landscapes. In addition to various other elements, these features add balance and appeal to your outdoor spaces. You will find natural stone, clay, and concrete fountains in multiple shapes, sizes, and designs with us. Our experts are here to guide your choices, and they will provide you with all the information you need to create fabulous outdoor spaces by adding customized pottery pieces and fountains. When we provide our input, you can be sure that the elements we install in your landscape will create a charming look and increase your property's curb appeal and value. We have years of experience behind us, and we use our knowledge and skills to help uplift our client's outdoor areas. The high-quality products we supply will last long, providing long-term value. Read More About Fountains and Pottery >>

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