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We have a large selection of mulch options to meet the specific needs of your landscaping project. We emphasize creating mulch using native Texas hardwoods including Ash, Elm, Oak, and Cedar. We also offer a variety of inorganic mulches for both functional and aesthetic applications. We also offer dyed mulch in brown-mocha, black, and red options.

We have mulches ground to the right size and texture to provide a more consistent and elegant application. You will find only fresh products that are neither decaying nor stale. Our portfolio includes natural and composted hardwood mulches with single grind. Our playground mulch is certified as per the state regulations. Choose the right mulch for your planting beds for moisture retention, weed prevention, and nutrient replenishment. Our cypress and cedar mulches keep the insects away and the hardwood mulches add longer-lasting colors. Our colored mulches are dyed using non-toxic, high-grade, and UV-resistant colors.
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